Philippines – What college should i enroll in the philippines? American Going To The Philippines For Nursing School?

Monday, November 2, 2009

im a senior in High school in here in NY and im planning to go to college next year in the philippines. But i dont know which college to go to . I want to take nursing, Doctor, or any in MED fields.. Which ones are easier to take ? And i will be taking the SAT test in Oct. …..Will the Philippines college accept my SATs scores if they are high? And are the Admission tests or the Entrance Exam in the Philippines are hard?
Please help?  Serious answers will be best Salamat!  i want to study in manila….
oh yeah and also…do college speak english?

University of the Philippines – that’s the only recommendation you’ll get from me (die hard peyups here!).
SAT not required!!! But you have to pass the UPCAT (UP College Admissions Test) and your SAT is a good preparation for this.  And YES, we do speak good English in the Philippines. It is our medium of instruction.
Good Luck!   Inday

where in the philipines do you want to study? manila, cebu, cagayan de oro? there are a lot of schools in the philippines. entrance exam varies on what school you want to enroll at. but its not that hard.

if you want the best of the best in medicine… i recommend UP Manila. Or St. Luke’s… Hmm, try to google other schools too. and research the passing rates in board/licensure exams.  i don’t know if it’ll be hard for you, depends on your abilities. good luck   konichiwa

For medicine you can try U.P. manila or UST.   Makati Medical Center offers a nursing program, not sure if they have medicine too. FEU has a nursing/med tech program. AMA has nursing and Medical transcription. I know for a fact that AMA is not at par with the already established Universities I mentioned so it might be easier to get it. With the demand on nurses increasing, there are more schools to choose from.

There are entrance exams. All colleges here do. They will need you 3rd year(junior year) grades, birth certificate, an application form (you get that from the admissions department) and the testing fee.
Since UP is one of the if not the BEST you will need good grades and a good exam score. We don’t have SAT’s here but its possible that they may use your score as a reference since you took high school in the states.
All entrance exams are a bit of a challenge.

Nursing is more convenient to take and easier to study. Medicine is more extensive and it takes longer to finish. People are still looking for nurses abroad and they make a lot of money. Even doctors are leaving their profession to become nurses because it pays well and is not as mentally challenging as a doctors job.  painintheneck

Subjects are thought in english (unless its filipino subject). Your admittance to the school depends if you pass the exam. You’re education NY doesnt guarantee your pass in the philippines. Besides you’re english comprehension is pretty bad for a US educated filipino..lets see "WHICH college" not WHAT college and Doctor is not a course

haahaaaaay, i’m surprised henry sy hasn’t thought of opening an SM university yet. i’m sure you’ll be the first to be admitted.  Bungangera

1. UP Manila for med courses. you have to take UPCAT, their entrance test. be sure to submit your application form before august 2008. many high school seniors aspire to attend UP, and most of them are achievers from public & private schools all over the country. this is a state university, you know what to expect.
2. if you wanted to attend a private university, consider De La Salle University – Health & Sciences Campus. it is not in manila but in cavite. 1 1/2 hour drive from manila. if you want to study, study. its in here.
dasmarinas is cavite’s university belt, aside from the Health & Sciences Campus,

universities like Emilio Aguinaldo College, AMA Dasmarinas, St Paul’s College, Phil Christian University, La Salle – Dasma, STI, Technological University of the Philippines, they are also opening Polytechnic University of the Philippines by next year.   if you dont want to experience manila’s pollution and traffic. consider staying at dasmarinas.  FiDES

I will recommend University of the Philippines but if you want to enroll next year, you’re already too late because the UP College Admission Test was already held last August. I’ll also recommend the University of Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University. Just check out their website to see details about their admission.SAT is not a requirement here in the Philippines.
Anthony V

American Going To The Philippines For Nursing School?

Hello, all:
I am a middle-aged American man seeking a career change. I would like to study nursing, but there are some problems with nursing schools in the US:
1. Prerequisites: varies, as little as 9 credit hours to as many as 30.
2. Wait list: local community colleges have wait lists from 1-2 years, and a student must complete prereq’s *before* being placed on the wait list.
With one year of prereq’s, two years of waiting, and two years of the nursing program, I’m looking at becoming an RN five years from now. This is entirely too long.
To bypass the impossibly-slow, five-year plan, I am seriously thinking about moving to the Philippines for a couple of years to complete nursing school. Here are my questions:
1. What is the visa process for Americans wanting to study in the Philippines?
2. Are Philippine nursing schools open to Americans?
3. How much is tuition per year? I’ll have a place to live. I just need tuition figures as expressed in PHP, if possible.
4. I will soon have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. Can I bypass the general education requirements and go right into the core of the nursing program, possibly completing it in two years?
5. Are the courses taught in Tagalog (Philippine language) or English?
6. Are there wait lists similar to the US?
Thanks for your help in advance,
Flotsam Jetsam
not my real name, of course, but often feel it is entirely appropriate 
reply his blog when i get mine online
Flotsam J says:
I used to have foreign born classmates while in college. They studied in the Phils because it is cheap and not as competitive, as long as you have the financial resources, you can usually get in. Anyways, contact the Philippine embassy and inquire on how to go about this. From my experience with foreign-born classmates, they paid higher tuition than the locals. You might be able to lessen the time, maybe instead of 4 years to 2.5 to 3 yrs. Depending on the school you intend to enroll, if it is a very good one, usually there is still a waiting list. But sad to say, you can easily by-pass this by donating financially to the institution. This had happened to most of my foreign -born classmates, that’s how I know, which was okay with them since overall, it still cost lesser to them to study in Phil versus in their own country. I don’t know if this is still happening nowadays, you have to check with the college/university you intend to enroll. The mode of teaching in PI is english. But occasionally, the teacher might speak in taglish(english mixed with tagalog). If you decide to study in PI, I can assure you, you will have a terrific time, you will meet a lot of very nice and accommodating people, always willing to help, but beware of the ones that will take advantage of a foreigner just to get the U.S. citizenship. Anyways, good luck!
edit: 40 thousand pesos per semester. No waiting list in my niece’s nursing college. She studies nursing in a province.


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