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Monday, November 2, 2009

Today with many people interested in a NURSING CAREER, a blog about the latest news, what schools to choose, who passed the board exams, where the jobs are might be of interest to my readers to pass along to others. Read Philippine Nurse blog here

All of us are interested how to avoid sickness, and if we get sick how to get cured. Doc Leo is a blog that gives medical information on staying well and if we get sick, what medicines to take, what are the symptoms, what are the causes all from current news headline articles that interest us today. LEPTOSPIROSIS 101 is the latest posting but there are many other interesting articles as noted below.
Read Doc Leo's blog here or see some of the current article links below to click. Medical Blog
Dr Leo Recent Postings Read it at this link the titles below
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How to solve 9 sleep problems
Helping older people Not fall down
Bone up on bone health
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Treat mini-strokes as an emergency
Do I have to fast before my blood tests?
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Hand sanitizer on the menu as Madrid restaurant fi...
Mosquitoes like some people better than others
Gallstones: What Are They and How Are They Treated...
7 Pains You Shouldn't Ignore
Only 1 in 4 know heart attack signs
You Name It, and Exercise Helps It
Immunizations, recommended shots save lives and su...

Philippine Nurse 

RECENT POSTINGS Click the link above to read the following blog titles to read more
1500 Nurses for Kuwait to be recruited from India,...
Nursing Board Exxam Results 2009
DOLE to conduct job fair for nurses DAVAO
More nurses sought vs leptospirosis problem
5,000 nurses fan out as wellness warriors Philippi...
Computer literacy empowers
CNMI plans to hire doctors from RP
Caregiver Nursing Aide
Cebu Caregiver Nursing Aide Cebu
NARS a movie about nurses


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