Closure of failing nursing schools

Monday, November 2, 2009

The recruitment sector on Monday backed the planned closure of non-performing nursing schools convinced that this contributed much to the unemployment of half a million nurses in the country.
“The recruitment sector has consistently been asking for the rationalization of over 1,000 nursing schools which have contributed to the half-million jobless nurses, half of them board-passers and nowhere to go except to other jobs like call centers, sales persons, hotel or the service industry,” Emmanuel Geslani, recruitment consultant, said.

Each year, he said, more than 60,000 board-passers join the labor market which can only accommodate 5,000 new nurses not to mention that only 15,000 can work abroad especially in the Middle East countries where there is an acute shortage of nurses. (Leslie Ann G. Aquino)

Philippine Nursing "DIPLOMA MILLS" -

"COA auditors said that for the past years, there were 19 schools that did not even have ONE nursing graduate who passed the board exams." 
It is appalling to read about the dumbing down of Nurse education in the Philippines while the Commission on Higher Education does nothing to correct this. CHED has closed down schools for poor perfomance in accounting, engineering and other courses, but the "buddy system" of CHED directors has left the Diploma Mill Nursing programs go untouched for over a decade!! Why aren't the Phil. Nurse Association Officers demanding that the quality of nursing education be THE HIGHEST quality of all courses in college when LIVES ARE AT STAKE??? This will surely haunt Nurses who have paid dearly in time and money for their education. This really stinks!!

""The condition does not only affect the quality of education but also limits the chances of graduates in the ensuing years," COA added."

177 nursing schools produce only flunkies, says exec

MANILA, Philippines—The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) is closely monitoring at least 177 nursing schools in the country that have not had even one single graduate passing the nursing licensure exams in the last five years.
CHEd Chairman Emmanuel Angeles gave the warning in a speech to heads of colleges and universities in Metro Manila and nearby regions on Friday afternoon.
During the launch of CHEd's partnership with the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) Foundation for the cleanup of the Pasig River, Angeles also announced that at least 38 maritime schools were also being monitored for the same reason.

Sought for comment after the event, Angeles declined to elaborate, saying the performance of the nursing and maritime schools would have to be reevaluated before the CHEd could take any action.
Last month, the CHEd announced it would close down six law schools because not one of their graduates passed the bar exams in the last five years.

Last Friday, Angeles also announced that warnings would be issued to schools whose passing rates are above zero but below the national average.

He said: "We are encouraging our schools to phase out irrelevant courses."
He also expressed concern about the standard of higher education in the country, saying that "we are way behind our neighbors."

CHED to shut down 177 nursing schools

MANILA, Philippines - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) will padlock some 177 nursing schools for the perennial failure of its graduates to pass the nursing licensure board examinations given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

CHED chairman Emmanuel Angeles said the 177 nursing schools had been found to not have even one graduate pass the board exam for the last five years.

Angeles said CHED is currently “verifying” their data before issuing an order to the schools to phase out their nursing programs.

Angeles said the agency’s crackdown on poor performing nursing schools is part of his administration’s campaign to raise the standard of education in state universities and colleges (SUCs) and private higher education institutions (HEIs).

“This phase-out process involves schools which have zero passing percentage in licensure examinations. We started with law schools, we closed down 11 law schools already,” Angeles said at the launch of “Taga-Ilog,” a campaign to raise the awareness of the youth in rehabilitating the Pasig River, spearheaded by CHED and the ABS-CBN Foundation.

Angeles stressed CHED was bent on closing down degree programs of SUCs and HEIs which show poor quality as seen through their graduates’ performance in governmentprofessional licensure examinations.
Angeles said the quality of education in the country was already lagging behind other countries.
“We are way behind our neighbors likeSingapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and soon, Vietnam may even surpass our standard,” Angeles said.

“We’re starting to be identified with Cambodia, Laos, and even East Timor. Do we want our schools to be identified with the schools of these countries? Certainly not,” he stressed.

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