Should I study nursing in the Philippines if I am from USA or other countries?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

if your aiming for BSN, it’s very practical to just get it in the Philippines because its cheaper for the same quality of education (assuming that you’re in a good nursing school) you could get in an average nursing school in the US. However, there’s so many sub-standard nursing schools sprouting like mushrooms in the philippines that you have to be cautious before enrolling yourself in. if you’re in one of these schools, please find a better school; and with good high school grades or good current college grades, it should be easy to be admitted in a good nursing school as long as you have good entrance exam results as well. however, the best nursing schools in the philippines could also be discriminating to other nursing schools and may not accredit units from these schools. While it is true that US hospitals don’t discriminate applicants based on what school they were in (as long as you meet the min req like passing the state board; and oh, yes they really don’t, that’s why there’s so many foreign graduate nurses), it doesn’t hurt to have the best education you could get.

If you’re planning to take MAN later on, it would be better to take it in the US. in my opinion, taking MAN without clinical experience and/or no exposure to the field is a definite no-no. your hospital training during your undergrad days just isn’t enough, especially that nursing education in the philippines focuses more on the knowledge and concept and not on the hospital area. besides, only a few schools offer MAN where as there’s so many in the US.

You probably could have (as a US Citizen) done this just as cheaply and forgone your now having to take an NCLEX. THe only school in the Philippines that is recognized by ETS (The people who admininster AP tests in the US and graduate exams for universities) is the University of the Philippines. Nothing else. You could have finished Community College’s nursing program and gotten established as a nurse. 


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